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Nieuwsbrief ontvangen of vrijwilliger worden

Vul dit formulier in om je aan te melden als vrijwilliger voor de Klimaatmars op 19 juni 2022. 

help make the climate march massive!

Want to help getting as many people as possible out on the streets in Rotterdam on 19 June? Below we’ve listed a couple of ways in which you can get involved, depending on how much time you have.

1. Subscribe to our newsletter

Subscribe to our newsletter via the form to stay up to date about the upcoming Climate March and any other future large-scale events. We’ll share important practical information with you, as well as useful tools in case you want to contribute.

2. Join the broadcast channel

On Telegram (Apple, Google Play) you’ll find our broadcast channel, in which we regularly send updates about the Climate March. Expect to receive promotional materials for example: forwarding and posting from your phone made as easy as possible! Click here to join the channel.

3. Donate

In order to mobilise as many people as possible and create a comfortable, accessible experience for everyone, we have set up a crowdfunding campaign. Your donation – big or small – is very much needed and appreciated. Click here to go to the crowdfunding!

4. Share our materials online

Ask your online network to participate on 19 June in Rotterdam! You can do so by sharing our social media posts, or by creating a message of your own. In this toolkit you’ll find ready-to-go images and texts to copy and adjust to your liking. If you’d rather receive these materials directly on your phone, join our broadcast channel.

5. Sign up as volunteer

Sign up as a volunteer via the form. You can help out on the day itself in Rotterdam (19 June), or in advance. The more the merrier – we can’t do it without you!

pick-up points for prints

Spread the message in your neighbourhood! On the map you’ll find a number of locations where you can pick up posters, stickers and flyers. Once you have gathered some printed materials, spread them in shops, schools and your local community center. And don’t forget your own window of course!

If you are able to make your own home or office available as a pick-up location, sign up via the form below. Once we have sent you some materials, other volunteers will be able to find you on the map and drop by for a batch of prints. If you have any questions, feel free to contact us at lokaal@klimaatmars.nl.

Sign up as pick-up point
Gegevens delen*
Welke gegevens van jou mogen wij delen op het kaartje, zodat andere mensen bij jou langs kunnen komen om posters en stickers op te halen?

Joint travel events

Travel together with people from your neighbourhood to the Climate March in Rotterdam! On the map below you’ll find an overview of already existing joint travel events, with key information such as meet-up locations and departure times.

If there is no travel event near you yet, we encourage you to organise one yourself! To make sure it gets on the map, fill out the form below. This way, others can join you on your journey to Rotterdam on 19 June. If you have any questions, shoot us an email at lokaal@klimatmars.nl.

sign up your joint travel event

Download promotional materials and manuals

On our Toolkit page you’ll find ready-to-go promotional materials for you to use online. This way you can ask your network to join the Climate March on 19 June, and help make this a massive demonstration! In the Toolkit are graphics for social media, as well as texts for messaging apps. We’ve also written some useful manuals for you to start organising locally. Click on the button below!