The crisis is now March for climate and justice
Sunday November 12
13:00 Amsterdam

Take action!

Issues in the Netherlands and the rest of the world are piling up. Heat records are being broken time and again, and extreme weather is becoming the norm. People are being discriminated against. Many companies are making record profits while incomes lag behind. Affordable housing is out of reach, food prices are rising, and more and more people are falling into poverty. All these problems are interconnected: from the climate crisis, racism, biodiversity crisis, and poverty to the housing crisis. If we don’t take action now, this will only get worse.

While the crisis is happening now, the government is failing to come up with good solutions. The much-needed transition to a sustainable and just society is still lacking. That’s why on Sunday, November 12th, we are taking to the streets in Amsterdam to organize a large march for Climate and Justice, just before the crucial National Elections. If we all take to the streets together, politicians can no longer ignore us. So, help us make this the biggest march ever!

Massive Climate March, organized in Amsterdam.


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